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Business Research Report provided by Purple

Purple Market Research has recently published a summary of useful information concerning the impact of Covid-19 on UK Business. Unfortunately their good news is not as good as one would […]

The chancellor announces help for UK business – but is it enough?

Commentary on the scenario as published by the Office of Budgetary Responsibility (OBR)   Introduction This document provides a commentary on the scenario[1] recently published by the OBR, being their assessment of […]

The Effects of Covid-19 on UK Business

Summary of the main findings to date UKPLC have been conducting telephone and online research to gain information on the effects of the coronavirus on UK business and, although we […]

Some considerations for monitoring the effects of Covid-19 on UK business

By an economist We asked a distinguished economist for his ideas for our on-going research into the impact of Covid-19 on the UK business community. Here are his thoughts: One […]

The changing world of work –does IR35 help or hinder?

The majority of the UK workforce is made up of employees, people who work for a public or private organisation and who pay their income tax at source through the […]

The World of Work – Taylor Report (UK 2017) – What is the State of Play?

In July 2017, whilst political and media attention was squarely concentrated on Brexit, an important ground breaking review of the world of work was published. The report (entitled “Good Work”) […]

An investigation of Productivity by Size of Enterprise from 2009 to 2018

There has been a consistent concern about the lack of growth in productivity within the UK economy following from the worldwide financial crash of 2008/2009. We examined the ratio of […]

Tough conditions for small businesses?

More than 15 years ago the Bank of England commissioned a series of reports on finance for small firms[1]. The combined reports, part of a bigger ten year program of […]

“Why is measuring the digital economy so difficult when everything is stored as data?”

This brief write up of the seminar (full seminar here) presented by David Nguyen of ESCoE and NIESR at the Office of National Statistics London office on 14th January 2020 […]