UKSA Correspondence

Presentation to NSEUAC

Origin of Better Statistics CIC  (BSC) 2018 – Following a few years of concern about our National Business Statistics we formed the Campaign for Better Business Statistics. 2019 – Concentrated […]

National Statistician’s response

We are pleased to publish the recent correspondence between Tony Dent of Better Statistics CIC and the National Statistician on the GSS User Engagement Strategy, as launched in February.  As can […]

The Campaign for Better Statistics response to the UK National Data Strategy (NDS) consultation

The Campaign has prepared a response to the consultation requested by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. This consultation on the framework National Data Strategy (NDS), was launched […]

Reflections on UK official Statistics

Professor Paul Allin of the Statistics Users Forum has opened an important debate in respect of the performance of the Government Statistics service with his reflections, as recently published on the […]

The Statistics User Forum (SUF)

Tony Dent’s critique of the ESCoE report will be a major element of the next meeting of the next Statistics User Forum (SUF) on 28th September. The SUF is hosted […]