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Better Statistics CIC

Better Statistics CIC is a social enterprise established to promote public awareness of, and interest in, the production of accurate and relevant statistics.

As citizens we are all reliant on the quality of official statistics to guide the government towards effective decision. The value of reliable data is not limited to the government alone, for example:

  • The Education sector, skills and capacity development organisations, both public and private, need good information on which to develop their strategy.
  • Business advisors, consultancies, accountants and auditors need an informed understanding of population numbers, market sizes, developments and trends to advise their clients.
  • The Media similarly need sound data on which to interpret, report and advise.

Moreover recent research on Public Understanding of Economics and Economic Statistics by Johnny Runge and Nathan Hudson has emphasised the lack of understanding of economic statistics amongst the public and the consequential mistrust of a lot of the data presented to them.

Citizens need access to data they can understand and trust for them to evaluate the quality of public services and make informed decisions as to the proposals put forward by political parties and others.

The purpose of Better Statistics CIC is therefore to increase awareness and interest in accurate statistics and accordingly our objectives are to:

  • Educate people as to the value of good data and how to tell good from bad
  • Encourage people to participate in appropriate surveys
  • Conduct such independent studies as may serve the primary aims of the enterprise
  • Challenge poorly prepared or presented published statistics

Better Statistics CIC has been formed from the Campaign for Better Statistics, whose original website ( now forms part of this site. The CIC has also now taken ownership of the research and proposals previously developed under the UKPLC name.