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Inflation Report

Better Statistics advocates that public confidence in headline official statistics, such as the measure of inflation, should be monitored and targeted, with the targets influencing policy for both the collection and the presentation of those statistics to all elements of our society, as required by the policy for inclusiveness. Therefore, we analysed the results from […]

Awareness of inflation amongst the general public

Better Statistics CIC are grateful to Opinium Research for their support by conducting a short survey on awareness of inflation amongst the general public. Following from the increase in inflation in the official April figure we wished to test the finding from EScoE’s qualitative work that a majority of consumers understood the inflation rate and […]

National Statistician’s response

We are pleased to publish the recent correspondence between Tony Dent of Better Statistics CIC and the National Statistician on the GSS User Engagement Strategy, as launched in February.  As can be seen here, the final letter in the series confirms Sir Ian Diamond’s commitment to a wider debate on the subject of user engagement and […]

Commentary on “A Response to the Consultation on the Reform to Retail Prices Index (RPI) Methodology”

Summary: On the 18th July 2019, Sir Bernard Jenkins reported to the House of Commons the findings of the then recent PACAC inquiry saying “In January 2019, the Economic Affairs Committee of the other place reported that by failing to fix RPI, UKSA risks breaching its statutory duties.” We believe that report formed the primary […]

The Campaign for Better Statistics response to the UK National Data Strategy (NDS) consultation

The Campaign has prepared a response to the consultation requested by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. This consultation on the framework National Data Strategy (NDS), was launched during London Tech Week 2020 to explore whether or not the strategy appropriately reflects the opportunities and challenges of our hyper-digital world and considers all […]

Our campaign comments on the UKSA decision to replace the Retail Price Index with the CPIH

On Wednesday, whilst the chancellor was providing his statement on the 2020 spending review, the UK Statistical Authority released the response to the consultation on their proposals to replace the Retail Price Index with the CPIH. Unsurprisingly, they have ignored all contrary opinions and intend to proceed with their plans. Although the change will not […]

The Statistics User Forum (SUF)

Tony Dent’s critique of the ESCoE report will be a major element of the next meeting of the next Statistics User Forum (SUF) on 28th September. The SUF is hosted by the Royal Statistical Society and supported by the ONS on behalf of the UK Statistical Authority.

“Why is measuring the digital economy so difficult when everything is stored as data?”

This brief write up of the seminar (full seminar here) presented by David Nguyen of ESCoE and NIESR at the Office of National Statistics London office on 14th January 2020 was prepared by Tony Dent of the Campaign for Better Business Statistics. Although well attended by ONS staff employed in the London Office, there were […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This epic spaghetti western starring Clint Eastwood provides a metaphor for the crisis of capitalism as described by Brunko Milanovic in his recent article “The Crisis of Capitalism is not the one Europeans think it is”[1]. Milanovic explains how, whatever the apparent weaknesses of capitalism, it has become the unrivalled economic mode for mankind’s activities.  […]