New Inflation Indicators – Household Costs Indices

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What is the future for UKSA?

19th September at the Royal Statistical Society. Attend this conference to change how our National Statistics are governed. Register Here   WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR UKSA?   A seminar discussing […]

Special Contribution to the Review of UKSA

As a special contribution to the review of UKSA Better Statistics are planning a one-day seminar on the 19th September.  We are pleased to announce that Sir Robert Chote and Sir […]

CPIH as the RPI from 2030

Jill Leyland provides a useful timeline of the events relating to the decision to remove the RPI as a National Statistic  

Latest Data from the Opinium Inflation Research

The latest Data from the Opinium Inflation Research on behalf of Better Statistics shows that only a third of UK citizens are aware that the ONS is responsible for measuring […]

2023 Inflation Seminar

Time Items Speakers 2.30 pm Welcome – Introduction Tony Dent, Better Statistics 2.35 pm Keynote 1: How inflation changes behaviour - people, business and Government. Frances Coppola, Financial Economist and [...]

Sexual Orientation and Gender

On 4th April the Office for National Statistics published detailed information from the Census on sexual orientation and gender .  Unfortunately, it is evident that the question used was misunderstood by many […]

Measuring inflation as households see it: Next steps for the household costs indices

Authors: John Astin and Jill Leyland FOREWORD In 2015, at the request of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), we published a paper “Towards a Household Inflation Index”. The proposed index […]

Where are the excess deaths?

Author: Tony Dent There has been extensive news coverage of the difficulties experienced by the National Health Service, with some commentators linking the difficulties to an unusual increase in deaths.  […]

Should we be looking for a new National Statistician or a new Statistical System?

The post of National Statistician has been announced on the civil service website, with applications required before midnight on 5th December. Sir Ian Diamond’s existing appointment has been further extended to run until […]