Population Issues

Projection for the UK Population

Anyone who was interested in the ONS projection for the UK population to an estimated total of 73.7 million inhabitants by the summer of 2036 will be interested to read […]

It’s official, statistics can destroy the environment

“Merle Gering of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England provides further commentary on the past errors made with mid-year population estimates for Coventry and many other local authorities.  […]

Where are the excess deaths?

Author: Tony Dent There has been extensive news coverage of the difficulties experienced by the National Health Service, with some commentators linking the difficulties to an unusual increase in deaths.  […]

BSPS Conference Report

A personal review by Tony Dent, Director Better Statistics CIC I had not previously heard of the BSPS until invited to attend this conference. I therefore had no previous knowledge […]

How Did ONS get the projections and estimates so badly wrong for Coventry?

Notes provided by Merle Gering[1], Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England (CPRE)   Purpose: This brief paper sets out a timeline of the events concerning the controversy surrounding the […]

Latest evidence on Coventry’s population estimates

Professor Champion of Newcastle University wonders if history is repeating itself in respect of Coventry’s statistics. The note below provides an update to Sir Andrew Watson’s speech at the launch […]