Inflation Issues

Provisional Timetable for the development of the RPI / CPIH decision

Jill Leyland I have been asked to provide a timeline for the Retail Prices Index (RPI) showing the events leading up to the current situation. This is a first – […]

Measuring inflation as households see it: Next steps for the household costs indices

Authors: John Astin and Jill Leyland FOREWORD In 2015, at the request of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), we published a paper “Towards a Household Inflation Index”. The proposed index […]

Household Cost Indices

Jill Leyland and John Astin have drafted a thoughtful paper providing a valuable contribution to the ONS proposals for Household Cost Indices. This is of interest to all those concerned […]

Inflation Rate Polling

Opinium Research have conducted a special project on behalf of Better Statistics for tomorrow’s Seminar on Inflation. Please download InflationTables for the results. A summary report will be available soon.

Inflation Report

Better Statistics advocates that public confidence in headline official statistics, such as the measure of inflation, should be monitored and targeted, with the targets influencing policy for both the collection […]

Awareness of inflation amongst the general public

Better Statistics CIC are grateful to Opinium Research for their support by conducting a short survey on awareness of inflation amongst the general public. Following from the increase in inflation […]

Commentary on “A Response to the Consultation on the Reform to Retail Prices Index (RPI) Methodology”

Summary: On the 18th July 2019, Sir Bernard Jenkins reported to the House of Commons the findings of the then recent PACAC inquiry saying “In January 2019, the Economic Affairs […]

Our campaign comments on the UKSA decision to replace the Retail Price Index with the CPIH

On Wednesday, whilst the chancellor was providing his statement on the 2020 spending review, the UK Statistical Authority released the response to the consultation on their proposals to replace the […]

Phyllis Macfarlane comments on RPI methodology

I first became interested in Inflation measurement some years ago when GFK bid (unsuccessfully!) for the data collection work that inputs into the UK RPI. At that time the prices […]

RPI versus CPIH – what’s your opinion?

The Campaign for Better Business Statistics responses to the Joint UKSA / Treasury consultation on RPI methodology.   The Campaign for Better Business Statistics grew out of dissatisfaction with various […]