How successful is ESCoE?

How successful is ESCoE?

A discussion paper on the ESCoE Report published on the 12th of February 2020

By Tony Dent, Chairman CMR Group and the Campaign for Better Business Statistics



This document provides an opportunity for discussion based upon my personal review of the recent Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) report. It also includes a summary of the background represented by the Economic Statistics and Analysis Strategy (ESAS), originally published for consultation in May 2016; accordingly It covers the period from May 2016 through to February 2020. In fact the latest ONS update on ESAS was published in April 2018 and therefore the ESCoE report also represents the most informative review of progress on ESAS since that time. My own interest is mainly in those projects that refer to the challenges represented by the Bean review, the primary stimulus for the creation of ESCoE. Please click here to read on.