Inflation 2022 Seminar

Inflation 2022

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A 2-hour seminar to be held on Wednesday 11th May at 3 pm.



Royal Statistical Society,
12 Errol Street,
London EC1Y 8LX


Call for Papers:


Inflation is at a 30-year high and rising, with the result that many issues that are normally left for more quiet contemplation have now become of vital concern to us all. We are intending to have a wide-ranging review of the topic and are looking for papers covering the  following main aspects:

  1. What causes inflation? Is it an import we can’t control or a self-inflicted wound?
  2. How is it best measured? What are the appropriate roles for macro-economic and household measures?
  3. What can be done about it? Is raising interest rates a cure or a symptom of the disease?

We expect to undertake some research on the public’s perceptions of the above aspects and that the Office of National Statistics will contribute to item B). We are therefore looking for up to 6 papers of approximately 15 minutes in length.

Although it will be a hybrid meeting, we would prefer that all speakers should be able to attend the event in person.


Program Committee:


Tony Cox, Chair of RPI / CPI Group of RSS


Vicky Pryce, Chief Economist CEBR

Directors of Better Statistics CIC


Please email your synopsis and a short cv to: [email protected]

Deadline for papers 25th March 2022.


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